"I loved you before I ever touched you."

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Yvette Nicole Brown Responds to the NY Times’s portrayal of Shonda Rhimes as an “Angry Black Woman”


Alessandra Stanley, the writer of that article. Surprised? Nope.

Can we fuckingg stop white women from talking about black women in their shitty articles. I swear the pathological white-centredness of feminists it getting boring as fuck. That constant need to simplify the complex, artistic and sophisticated minds of black women to a singular racist trope is demeaning. White sociopathy is what it is, white women have to be the only ones who are successful, they are so threatened by us that they feel the need to put us down and in getting ducking sick of it. They’re so used to being celebrated for mediocrity that when women like Viola Davis and Shonda Rhimes are changing the game and people are realising that whiteness celebrates mediocrity they must bring us down. Ugh I’m so annoyed.


In an effort to keep it simple, I’ll say this: 

Black women birthed this nation, standing up, on our own two feet, catching each child with our own two hands. We’ve always stood alone. We’ve spent years cradling the responsibilities of the world, so much history can be traced back to our shoulders, our minds, our hearts, our ideas. We are always assumed to be on our backs, sitting on our fat asses collecting undeserved welfare from the state. We are called lazy, angry and unappreciative, yet when our men are killed we stand in solidarity, sometimes for the same men that taunt and alienate us for being exactly what we are, while simultaneously glorifying women who have what we have excluding one thing that we don’t—-come on, y’all know the color. We are an endlessly overlooked, consistently forgotten, unabashedly bashed minority group in this country and we continue to be. Our accomplishments are fettered by others increased need to oppress our power. We’re so fucking magical. We’re so fucking beautiful. We’re so fucking different. We. birthed. this. nation. They have to hold us down, because they know our power. They know are ability. They know we’re rising. And they’re fucking scared. 

The first rule of taking down your most powerful opponent is discrediting them. Imagine discrediting a group for centuries and still watching them climb to the top, time and time again. That shit is infuriating. They’re losing their footing, their confused and afraid. They are beginning to face the harsh reality that they aren’t fucking stopping us. And what do the weak resort to when they’re all out of ammunition? Name calling. Take this as a sign, my fellow beautiful Black Women: we are still beating them at a game we didn’t even want to play.

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I’m going to be everything I want to be.

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My lovely friends and I did a thing.


Emma Watson is def my favorite problematic liberal feminist

GOD shut the fuck UP