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Hey I just wanted to let you know that I'm so proud of you for getting rid of that toxic manchild. You are clearly too evolved for his prehistoric way of thinking, and you deserve so much better than him. And on a side note you are absolutely gorgeous and your eyeliner and brow game is so strong it blows my mind. Okay I hope you have a lovely week because you deserve it.

You know…I really needed to hear that. Thank you.

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How are you going to tell someone what they can and can't say? Hypocritical isn't it?

Hypocritical for a white man to experience ”racism”, is it not?

Oh, and kindly fuck off.

I broke up with him.

Anonymous asked:
I loved the feminist movement you started in the bathrooms at school. It was exciting to hear how pissed off everyone got.

If you’re pissing people off, you’re doing something right.

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~ Massachusetts To SCOTUS - In Your Face



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Girl gimme a honey kissed fat blunt with some 90s r&b in the background and I'll grind ur d into glitter

I do not own a d but yes to everything else hayyy

Anonymous asked:
Describe the feeling of love in six words or less

Orgasms, but in your heart

Anonymous asked:
have ya done the do?

The diddly darn do?
No. Hail Jesus

Anonymous asked:
have u ever had sex

what’s the sex

Anonymous asked:
It's the school anon again. I'm so happy you liked my message, I was afraid I was coming off as a bit creepy. I know I did whenever we'd talk in person. (Just to clarify, it wasn't YOUR freshman year, it was mine. You were a Junior in the class I was in.) I always loved talking to you and your friend that year, and then I went and overdosed and was gone for two weeks. But I remember thinking about all your positive words when I was getting better. I owe you a bunch, and I hope you have a gr8 day

I know you. I know exactly who you are.
Your name starts with an A and is a precious stone (I won’t identify your name unless you wish it).
I remember that—you disappeared without a trace for so long. I was worried—terrified, even—that something horrid happened to you. I thought maybe your family moved or…I don’t know. 
Then you came back on the last day of school, and nobody saw you ever again. Mysterious, huh?
Oh, dear, you’re giving me far too much credit; and I’m not being humble.
Let’s rave about you, shall we?
I admired you from afar. I remember how short and cute you were, with your homemade outfits and sassy comments. You didn’t take shit from anyone, I specifically adored you for that and your snappish comments. 
Do you remember that oral presentation we had to do? The one discussing our “life story” or whatever? 
Yours stuck out. Yours…God, yours brought me to tears. I remember being ashamed of my tenderness and quickly wiping away the forming mist. You, with great bravery and sheer courage, literally unraveled your short life to a classroom full of staring, gaping strangers. I could never; I remember my essay was a brief paper discussing the basic parts of my life—family, career, ambitions, blah blah blah. I was basic and blended with the masses. You went deep, told the real juicy stuff—your struggle, your survival, your mental health, your family. I didn’t even know you, and yet I was so proud to have such a brave girl stand up and share something so secret. I felt an invisible bond shudder through the class during and after your tale…we all understood and we were ALL SO PROUD.
I remember that everybody clapped the loudest for you; and you deserved every bit of it. 
A, I’m happy you’re still here with us. I’m here for you. If you ever need help, if you ever need to rant or a friend or a shoulder to cry on—you know I’m here.
Stay strong x

tearekks asked:
Hi, so I've had some hard times with guys and stuff and literally no one to talk to about it haha. Would you mind if I vented to you?

Of course, sweetheart—my blog is a safe place for venting about silly boys—actually, for just venting in general, haha. You go right on ahead!