Anonymous asked:
If you're uncomfortable talking about your sexuality, just say so. Don't give people who ask serious questions silly answers for likes.

Yes, I’m uncomfortable answering that, seeing that’s an inappropriate question to be asking whilst on anon.
Shame on you for making me feel shitty for not wanting to tell an INTERNET STRANGER all about my goddamn life.

Kisses xoxo

Anonymous asked:
Do you smoke weed??


Anonymous asked:
What's ur sexuality I'm very confused what you are

I’m very much into pizza rolls, burritos, and cats.

Anonymous asked:

get out

Anonymous asked:
more acquaintance stories pls ily

Haha, sure! Okay, so bugus99 has recently befriended me and can I just rant to ya’ll about HOW FUCKING PRECIOUS SHE IS
I can’t function
She’s just so perf and her snapchats feed my soul and before my surgery she sent me videos of her and her fluffy kitty dancing around I died. Like I legitimately died. I’m dead rn
Her hair is super short and her fashion is like DAMN and I’m assuming she’s 15 from the “99” in her url and I wish I was that sweet and ADORABLE at that age *sigh*
Like she makes me type in run-on sentences because I’m just so fucking happy she exsists sjednbflihsfdlhaflih
Everybody needs to follow her both on her blog: bugus99 and on her Instagram: @bugus99

Anonymous asked:
Thoughts on girls with tattoos, piercings, unnatural hair color, etc.?

They make me sweat and I transform into a lesbian

Anonymous asked:
Dear anon, being fat isn't an insult. What is truly insulting is how hideous your attitude is :)

a fucking men

"Women can fake orgasms, but men can fake love."

Bo Burnham (via surroundedbypeasants)

Anonymous asked:
tell us more about people you've gotten to know! you're so funny and I like your perspective!

Hmmm, well, I’ve sort’ve acquainted myself with this rad guy, realanomaly
He’s so fucking chill and he has excellent music taste and his facial hair slays all
I just really admire him and I highly suggest you all follow him. He’s just so dang nice; like so nice it pisses me off because I’m like ???? PEOPLE LIKE YOU EXSIST????

in-and-out-murder asked:
Look at you, being all un-fat and adorable and what not. Bae. Just what a fucking bae you are.

You’re the fucking bae jfc let me love you